About Us


Donut Tyme was founded for Ali Moghaddam, he has over 35 years of business experience. Donut Tyme has a dedicated staff with over 20 years of customer service experience and will provide you with a pleasant eating experience.

Since 1994 Las Vegas has been the home of Donut Tyme, located just minutes from downtown. Donut Tyme offers hand made donuts, made with fresh quality ingredients. Our donuts are made in house, not shipped in from outside. Donut Tyme also provides a family friendly atmosphere, where you can also enjoy a variety of pastries and quality beverages. Continued demand for our quality products and customer service has provided us with the opportunity to be open 24/7.



Provides very tasty donuts, the best customer service and a comfortable coffee shop.




For over 35 years Donut Tyme has had a special passion for creating tasty fresh donuts. Donut Tyme’s dedicated staff strives every day to make an ever changing variety of tasty speciality donuts and custom pastries. Our donuts are made in house, not shipped in from outside, which guarantees a fresh quality product.